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Monday, April 26, 2010

Reason 501 why I didn't claim my new windows on my itemized deduction

Major New EPA Rules Go Into Effect April 22nd, 2010 REI Mentor
In another major intrusion into my life, the EPA has decided that if you don't play by their rules in doing homeowner repairs to your own home you could face a fine. New rules went into effect on April 22 and to best summerize: "According to EPA sources fines for not following the new law could be as steep as $3,500.00 per occurrence. That means if a homeowner replaces 10 windows in a home incorrectly, he could end up with a $35,000 fine."
Obviously, with the "Cash For Caulkers" energy tax rebates available, any homeowner who replaced windows in his or her home and claimed them on their tax return could now come under scrutiny of the EPA. And the homeowner gave them all the info they need to prosecute.
Here's another article from Athens Banner-Herald


  1. JFC! The insanity will not end soon, either...

  2. We may or may not have replaced 11 windows in the last year. The possible replacements, if carried out, would never ever be claimed on my income tax.