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Friday, April 30, 2010

Obama's Katrina

Obama threatened by heckuva glob - Washington Times
"Failure to get control of the relief effort and contain the environmental challenge could pose the same kind of political threat to Mr. Obama's popular standing that the much-criticized handling of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina did for former President George W. Bush. And unlike Katrina, it is likely the federal government will be the clear lead authority in dealing with the BP spill."
No one has talked about it much, but not long ago President Obama said that "oil rigs todaygenerally don't cause spills" . In an uncharacteristic move, our President opened up several areas offshore for oil exploration, much to the chagrin of his "green" supporters. Now with the crisis in the Gulf of Mexico and oil flowing towards the gulf coast, the President has reversed his position and put exploration on hold.
Let's play a little game, the same way lefty conspiracy types do. Could it be that the oil rig explosion was an act of sabotage? If you do not want oil exploration offshore, and you have to satisfy a "green" agenda in order to pacify your supporters, and you want your detractors to feel like they are gaining ground; how about you do this:
1. Approve offshore exploration- this makes the typical right leaning person happy (although I thought it was very odd and out of character at the time)
2. Have an explosive planted in a high production oil platform and cause a huge environmental "Crisis".
3. "Never let a crisis go to waste" and reverse your stance on offshore drilling, that you didn't want in the first place.
4. Create an environmental rallying cry against the oil industry, push for immediate action on the "green energy" front where millions of dollars will be funneled away to folks like Van Jones, the communist, ex-con, former Green Energy Czar, who thinks we should redistribute our wealth to native americans and inner-city poor just because those that have created their own wealth don't deserve to keep it.

Just a thought.

Even more interesting, if this were an accident and not an act of sabotage, why would Mr. Obama be sending SWAT teams to oil rigs?

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