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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why is there Hebrew writing on Doraville Police Cars?

This afternoon I saw this Doraville Police Car with "Service and Protection" written on the back of it in Hebrew. What the Fuck?

Don't get me wrong. I'm no anti-semite. I just can't quite figure out why it's in Hebrew, or whom they are actully serving and protecting. A little too New World Orderish for me.

A little digging turned this up on "The Jewish Georgian":

OFFICERS IN ISRAEL. Last issue, we told
you about a police car in Doraville with a
bumper sticker in Hebrew saying, “Service
and Protection,” part of a program by Police
Chief John King to have the stickers in
every language spoken by residents of the
Turns out that Chief King visited Israel
last May as the guest of the Georgia
International Law Enforcement Exchange
(GILEE), Dr. Robert Friedmann’s program
that brings law enforcement and security
personnel to Israel for training and briefings
on terrorism and other such problems.
GILEE (www.gilee.org) is a joint project
of Georgia State University and local,
state, federal, and international law enforcement
agencies. Dr. Friedmann reports that
the car of Doraville’s Jewish police officer
is one of two sporting the sticker in Hebrew,
with Dr. Friedmann perhaps being the only
resident conversant in the language.
Dr. Friedmann has seen firsthand how
effective a trip to Israel can be in educating
people, especially law enforcement personnel,
on the needs of the Israelis and the
threats they face. In May and June of this
year, he took a delegation of 17 law
enforcement leaders from Georgia, Florida,
and Tennessee to Israel, where they visited
the Golan Heights.

I don't know about you, but I find the practice of training civil law enforcement officers in the same tactics used by the paramilitary police of Israel a little frightening.

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  1. On one point you are right - Doraville PD is a little bit frightening when it comes to their paramilitary attitude. Look up their SWAT videos on youtube. They won't make you feel any better.

    On the main point of your story you are way off base. Doraville is about as diverse as New York City. The DPD has that same message in about thirty languages on their cars. If you are going to police a diverse community you start by communicating to your diverse residents.