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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Free Market Solution To The Naked Body Scanners

Are you tired of having some minimum wage TSA agent violate your rights as protected under the 4th Amendment to US Constitution? Tired of the abnormal amounts of radiation and groping of yours and your children's genitals? Don't complain to the TSA - They Don't Care.
Complain to the airline that you frequent and let their UNION employees make the calls to the government. After all, if the airlines aren't making any money, they will go bankrupt and then even the union workers will have to find a job.
Use the handy links below to contact your favorite airlines and let them know WHY you won't be buying a ticket from them and will drive or take a bus or train instead:

US Airways
American Airlines
Delta Airlines
Frontier Airlines
United Airlines
Spirit Airlines
Continental Airlines
Airtran Airways
Southwest Airlines
Jet Blue
Or if it's not listed look for your favorite airline here:
Airline Contact Info Page

Try the following as a sample "cut and paste" for your e-mail, especially if you are a frequent flyer on a specific airline:

Dear sir or madame,

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that I have decided to sever my allegiance to your fine company. I have travelled with you for many years and many hundreds of thousands of miles. You have always had the best of service and safety while I have flown with you, but I am left with little choice.
You see, your company, along with scores of others has stood idly by while the rights of the travelling public are being violated by the Federal Government. We have, since the Patriot Act, endured more and more infringement on our civil rights, especially our right to privacy as defined by the 4th Amendment to The US Constitution. Now, the Transportation Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security have gone too far.
Recently, it has become a condition of travel on your airline to give up my Civil Rights as guaranteed by the Constitution, be sexually molested or threatened with Civil Litigation if I refuse the first two activities. Apparently this is a policy that you approve of, since I have seen no indication that you are in any way pushing back against the totalitarian policies of our government.
Since my Liberties are more important to me, my family and the future of my country than an on time departure, I will from this point onward until this failure of policy is rectified, be seeking alternative transportation.


The Bitter Patriot


  1. Excellent ideas & resources! Thanks for directing me here. I like your blog & will be adding it to my blogroll. Great job!

  2. Thanks, I have returned the favor!