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Sunday, October 3, 2010

John Monds on Security of College Campuses

Libertarian candidate for Governor of Georgia, John Monds knocked one out of the park during the Georgia Public Broadcasting debate between Mr. Monds (L), Roy Barnes (D) and Nathan Deal (R) earlier this evening in Atlanta at the GPB studios. The debate was sponsored by the Student Government Associations of 5 Georgia universities.
When asked directly how Mr. Monds would address the problems of increasing violent crimes on college campuses. Mr. Monds made note of the fact that college campuses, being "gun free zones" in Georgia, are a breeding ground for victims.
One of the best ways to deter violent crimes being committed against students and faculty, in Mr. Monds' opinion, would be to allow students and faculty who are legally eligible to carry concealed weapons to do so on college campuses.
Why should the Board of Regents in Georgia be allowed to make a rule that super cedes the Constitutions of both the United States of America and the State of Georgia?
Mr. Monds expressed his belief that the right to self defense should never be infringed upon by government. His commentary about the fact that campus police, much like their counterparts in the public, can't be everywhere, all of the time. That reminds me of an old joke, "why do you carry a gun? - Because a cop is too heavy" or "when seconds count, the police are only minutes away". The argument is made time and again about the maturity of college students and if it's smart to have them in possession of concealed weapons. First of all, they would have to be legally eligible to carry a concealed weapon. That means in Georgia, they would have to be at least 21 years of age, pass a GBI background check and be in possession of a permit issued by the state. You only have to be 18 to join the military, carry weapons and go to war and last I checked, most people believe that those young people are the finest military in the world. Kind of a double standard.
You will have to decide for yourself where you stand on this issue, but I can tell you where I stand on this question of Liberty. Right next to Mr. Monds.

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