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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How important is the issue of electronic voting? David Chastain, Libertarian candidate for GA Sec of State has an idea.

So, how important is the issue and potential problem of electronic voting?
In a Washington Post news article today it was reported that hackers had broken into the DC online voting trial. Just one more reason electronic voting in general is suspect.
Unverifiable electronic voting is now only available in 3 states, Georgia being one of them. No paper trail, no written record of your vote.
David Chastain, Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State in Georgia has built his campaign on this issue.
"I am alarmed that almost 1% of electronic ballots cast in Georgia are blank, or undercounted.
I am gravely concerned about the electronic voting systems we use in Georgia. When one realizes that we are one of only three states with state-wide unverifiable electronic voting, one must wonder - why?" - says his website. Mr. Chastain went to the archives and searched for 1 issue ballots, simple yes/no votes, in Georgia over the last several years since electronic voting machines have been used and found that in not one, single election did the tally of number of votes cast balance to zero with the number of yes plus number of no votes. His research shows across the board the margin of error to be .8% on average.
How many major elections are won by a margin of .8% or less? How about the 2000 Florida ballot that ultimately decided the presidential election with a total .01% margin?
How about the election of Al Franken to the US Senate which was decided by a margin of .001%
Those elections are deciding policy makers for millions of people. Think it's important now?

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