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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Arizona is going about this all wrong

Arizona is going about this entirely in the wrong way. Instead of fighting with Liberals over the race baited politics of the law, they should appeal to the "green" movement. The photo above shows a typical arroyo in southern Arizona, filled with the waste of illegal immigration; plastic water bottles, diapers, clothing, food wrappers, discarded items of all sorts. The environmental impact of illegal immigration is mind numbing and yet there is no discussion about it from either side of the issue. It's time to stop illegals from destroying the natural beauty of the dessert. I suggest the Federal Bureau of Land Management install some recycling bins and trash cans along the route. If these people want to come to America for a better life, they can start by not destroying the country they are entering, otherwise this is just Northern Mexico.
All sarcasm.
The bottom line is that Arizona wants to enforce the law against illegal aliens. It wants them to be cognizant of the fact that the state is serious about the law, and therefore to conclude that it's best to leave or not come in the first place. Arizona did not deem these people illegal aliens. The federal government did, in laws passed by Congress and signed by the president of the United States. Arizona thinks those laws mean something. If the Justice Department's suit -- and Judge Bolton's line of argument -- prevails, then we'll know that they don't. The real law of the land will be our current, de facto amnesty, imposed by executive whim.

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