"But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever." - John Adams

Monday, July 19, 2010

2 Party System = No Choice

Today we find ourselves in the tired old Left vs Right argument. The Left says that the Right is only there to serve the interest of "big business" and to propagate the "never ending war". Truth be told, the Left is in the same business as the Right. If you look at the voting records of most members of Congress and the Senate, you will find that without much distinction both major parties are constantly voting for bigger government and higher taxes.
Several months ago Glenn Beck ran a piece on his Fox News TV show where he illustrated a very good point. He used an illustration of a balance scale, with Liberty at one end and Tyranny at the other. The pivot of the balance is where the Federal Government would be located. When asked where the pivot point, or government, should be, as laid out by the founders, most of the audience put that point squarely in the middle.
Much to the audience's dismay, when the founders first laid out their plan for a government of "these United States", they came up with the "Articles of Confederation" which was the closest they could come to Anarchy and still claim to be a confederation of states. The Articles of Confederation provided for a common defense of the United States and other than that, we were left to travel and trade any way we liked. A very Libertarian establishment.
When it was demonstrated that through big government, i.e. the current Nanny State, that the pivot point was really very close to the "Tyranny" end of the scale, some seemed a little aghast. When asked where the traditional "Left" and "Right" parties, the D's and R's where on the scale, no one seemed to be able to answer. It quickly becomes apparent that both of the current major parties are in exactly the same place on the scale, the pivot, because they are the current government.
If you want real choice and real change in Washington DC, you have to get out of the two party mentality. While the two major parties have us all in a knot with this whole left vs right argument, they are the winners and we lose, because they are the same big government.
If you want smaller government, lower taxes, personal Liberty and personal responsibility, then I recommend voting Libertarian.

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