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Monday, June 14, 2010

The Wolf is Watching the Hen House

As reported this morning in the New York Times, the Federal gov't is on a quest to "reinvent journalism". The Feds feel that "journalism" as we know it is dying. Not sure if they mean journalism or print media, but it wouldn't be the first time the government has tried to control what is said in the media.
"Through a series of public forums, the last of which will take place in Washington on Tuesday, the commission has been gathering and analyzing an array of suggestions to help make the business of gathering and reporting news profitable again. A broad range of ideas — loosening antitrust statutes to allow news organizations to start charging for online content all at once; imposing a tax on iPads and other electronic devices to subsidize the cost of reporting; creating a public fund akin to AmeriCorps to pay young journalists — have been suggested. "
If that last line doesn't make you angry, then you aren't paying attention. The government wants to set up a public fund to pay reporters. The White House will then have it's very own propaganda arm and will no longer need to rely on it's shills in the current main stream media. Of course, the NYT didn't draw that conclusion.

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