"But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever." - John Adams

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A little update

Like I said earlier, if the president is lying about his religion, he will lie about anything. Like:
Let's review shall we?
-He lied about sticking with public campaign financing.
-He lied about his knowledge of his racist, separatist Pastor
-He lied about his knowledge and current relationship with domestic terrorist William Ayers.
-He lied about his personal relationship, and financial dealings with jailed Tony Rezko.
-He lied about knowledge of his own Aunt being in the United States illegally....and she'still here.
-He lied when he ran on hope and change, he is giving us gloom, doom, and same ole democrat spending programs.
-He lied when he ran on posting bills on the internet for 72 hours so the citizens can read them before their representatives vote but instead pressured everyone to vote before they even had a chance to read the bill and NEVER posted it on the web.
-He lied about televising the health care bill process on C-SPAN......8 TIMES!.
-He lied when he ran on not having any lobbyists in his administration, he has many, he even nominated some the had to withdrawal because they were tax cheats as well.
-He lied when he ran on being transparent but even the press is beginning to complain.
-He lied when he ran on being bipartisan but instead says "I won" and doesn't allow any Republican amendments.
-He lied about eliminating "earmarks" in legislation he would sign.
-He lied about appointing members to his administration who are honest, how many of his nominees have already been busted for not paying taxes?
-He lied about his role in AIG getting bonuses.
-He lied about taxing health care benefits.
-He lied about repealing the Defense of Marriage ActHe lied about ending "don't ask don't tell".
-He lied about closing Gitmo in 2009
-He lied about removing troops from Iraq.
-He lied about creating jobs, look at Nasa and now the offshore drilling industry.
-He lied about the cost of Obamacare.
With all of that in mind; why would you believe anything he has to say about anything. The man is a fraud.