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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Election Day - Nov 8, 2011

I'm optimistic for the chances of Libertarians running in Georgia.  The Libertarian Party of Georgia has 3 local candidates running.  Amanda Swafford is running for Re-Election in the Flowery Branch City Council race, Lance Lamberton for Austell City Council and Doug Craig for Griffin City Council.  Good Luck!
In Athens, I'm not so optimistic.
We have an Education SPLOST vote going on today.  Athens Clarke County spends the third highest amount per student in the state, and has the third lowest graduation rates.
Not only that, but the SPLOST was created to lower the millage rate for our property taxes.  Today our millage rate is at the maximum allowable by law in the county and the SPLOST is just icing on top of the big ole tax cake.
The only thing that wasn't on the ballot locally, Sunday Sales of Alcohol.  One of our county commissioners is even on record as saying the issue would not be on the ballot because she was afraid pro Sunday Sales voters would be anti-SPLOST voters.

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