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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cover up of Polish plane crash

On April 9th the plane crash killed Polish president Lech Kaczynski, his ministers, the Army’s highest commanders, members of Parliament and many other officials in Smolensk, Russia.

It seems odd that only 90 days before the crash, Sławomir Skrzypek, president of the National Bank of Poland, had been publicly criticizing and even denouncing the move toward including Poland in the European Economic Community. The Polish currency was doing quite well while the Euro was dropping like a rock. The president, Mr. Kaczynski, was in agreement with him that Poland should stay out of the Euro.

"Bronislaw Komorowski, the speaker of the Polish parliament who took over as acting president following Kaczynski’s death, faces a delicate balancing act in exercising presidential powers, including the right to veto legislation and to nominate replacements for the chief of the armed forces’ general staff and other top commanders who were killed in the crash..."
"....Mr Komorowski, the acting president, may choose not to install a “more pliant” central banker"

Interesting. Why would you even be discussion whether or not your new central banker would be easily influenced? Oh, I know, so that just a few weeks after the plane crash you could get the government $20.5 Billion in unjustified loans from the IMF without the National Bank of Poland interfering. This of course continues the expansion of debt slavery in Europe and the USA, since the IMF is primarily funded by dollars and euros.

The "investigation" in to the crash, headed by Vladmir Putin, has yielded questionable results, including the refusal of Russia to release the "black boxes" from the aircraft to the Polish authorities. A transcript was released of the pilot and tower communications, but it's about 30% longer than the 30 minute recording capacity of the equipment. Two months after the "investigation" was concluded, those same black boxes were finally returned to Poland, with 16 seconds of missing audio. It has also been reported that the pilot only made one attempt to land, not four as reported by the Russian media and popularly spun in the western media. In one more odd twist, it seems that the air traffic controller on duty that morning has "retired" and Russian officials do not know his current whereabouts. (sure will make it hard to get his pension checks). There was a 1st hand report from a Polish friend of mine, who will obviously have to remain anonymous, that the entire crash area has had about 1 meter of soil scraped away and removed to an unknown location. Even more bizzare, there were shots fired by "police" at the scene of the crash, reportedly to scare people away from the crash site. The man who filmed shots being fired was killed by a "mugger" a few weeks later and edited versions of his video started surfacing.

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