"But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever." - John Adams

Monday, September 27, 2010

Preserve and Protect

You may think that I am speaking about the Oath of Office; sworn by millions of Americans. But it's worded slightly differently. "Uphold and Defend" is the way that the Oath reads. The following should, however, carry the same weight at a personal level.

I'm talking about Preserving and Protecting your personal "wealth" and that of those you hold most dear to your heart. Be it large or small. Be what it may, is no matter. It is yours and yours alone. It does not belong to the Federal Government, or God forbid, The Federal Reserve Bank. (though both will try to wrest it from you) .

Since it's inception, the FED (Federal Reserve Bank) has been working diligently to steal every dime you earn and make you an "interest slave" to the banking industry. All the while our Federal Government (FGov't) has also been making you a "tax slave"; both nefarious schemes arrived on the scene during the Wilson administration. Odd. (Wilson, an avowed "progressive" i.e. communist, and racist doesn't quite fit the mold of today's Democrat, but I digress, or do I) . Since the inception of the FED in 1913 , the US Dollar, which had a fixed value, based on the Coinage Act of 1792, has lost 98% of it's value. How does that happen? Well, the FED pumps money into the economy by means of Fiat Creation, resulting in an inflated money supply, which is of course, actual Inflation.

The Coinage Act of 1792, set an exact rate of exchange for Dollars to Gold and Silver. If the Treasury of the USA had enough gold and silver to back all of the dollars printed on paper, then a stable currency existed. Today, that is absolutely not the case, by a ratio of nearly 45:1. There is approximately 45 times as much paper in circulation as there is gold in reserve.

Gold and silver have specific historical commodity value. In ancient Rome, a "gold coin" (which for the sake of argument we will call an ounce) would buy a fine suit of clothes or 300 loaves of bread. Today, with gold at $1300 per ounce, it still has exactly the same purchasing power or commodity value. The dollar, however is falling fast.
In 1909, when the dollar was tied to gold, that commodity and the dollar where one and the same. Gold, $21/oz. The Dollar was "worth it's weight in gold". A 1909 Ford Sedan was $850 or 40 oz of gold. Today a comparable automobile, the height of fashion, new to market, and the height of technology is relatively the same price. Take a BMW 3 series auto. Really kind of run of the mill, by comparison to the level of technology in 1909 terms, but still 40 oz of Gold.

If you want to "Preserve and Protect" there is only one way. Precious metals of historical commodity value. Gold or Silver.

But, if you buy gold and silver, you must do one thing. Take delivery. Never buy paper promises of gold and silver on demand.

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