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Thursday, July 22, 2010

More JournoList

Here's who has and has not done any reporting on the issue. I'm guessing that those who have not reported, may be involved and a little embarrassed about getting caught.
The upside for them is their ability to cover up news and spin stories any way they like. Oh, wait that is what the story is about.
• ABC: None
• American Thinker: Forget the Whistleblowers! WaPo Management Owns the Journolist • Bloomberg: None
• CBS: Debunking the Journolist “Conspiracy” (Chait)
• CNN: None
• Fox: Report: Journalists Debated Whether Government Should Shut Down Fox News
• Investors Business Daily: The Smoking Gun For Media Bias
• MSNBC: None
• NBC: None
• New York Post: Steering the Press
• New York Times: None
• NPR: None
• Washington Examiner: First came Climategate, now it’s JournoList; Who’s next for an email scandal?
• Washington Post: Nothing to See Here, Just Move Along Folks (Klein)
• Washington Times: Inside the Beltway

False accusations of racism. Suppression and censorship of news deemed unacceptable. Endlessly marketing a big government, Statist agenda. Tacit, overt support for government control of nearly every facet of human life.

Forget the liberal media.

Consider them the fascist media.

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