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Monday, April 18, 2011

California is Going Galt!

The Business Relocation Coach: Calif. ‘Disinvestment Events’ Reach New High As Companies Opt for Other States, Nations (Updated April 15 to Reflect New Loss) Since the first of the year (2011), 70 businesses have packed up and left from California. Overbearing governmental regulation and suffocating taxation have forced even some of California's brightest to head out to greener pastures. E-Bay (short for East Bay, as in the San Francisco Bay) and PayPal are closing up shop in San Jose and moving to Austin, TX. Speaking of Texas, with it's lack of state income tax and easy business climate, they came in first place winning 15 of those 70 businesses. My home state of Georgia gained 2 of those companies, Hyundai Capital America in Austell and Vista Metals in Adairsville. Welcome to Georgia - Strikers!

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