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Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

After a whirlwind trip through the state of Georgia for the Christmas holiday and with the threat of really icy roads, we decided to make a run for it and head back to Athens from Savannah before it was too difficult. In the South, just like everywhere else, there is no driving on ice. Snow, no problem, Ice, forget about it.
Anywho, here in Athens, it was the first white Christmas since 1882 or something like that. Global Warming in action! We encountered a fair amount of falling snow on the drive home, but all was uneventfull. Stayed up late trying to unwind from 3 straight days of driving from place to place to see the family. I hated to leave a day early, but the thought of icy roads didn't sit well with me.
Mostly, I wanted to be in Savannah for my dad's 86th birthday today and feel a little let down that we had to cut out, but safety first.
All of this is a long round about set up to explain my fuzzy brain this morning. I got up, let the dogs out, started a fire, put the dog food down for my three hungry labs, got Steve's medication ready (Steve is my oldest lab and has a bit of epilepsy and takes phenobarbitol twice a day) by doing the usual - pill wrapped in a bit of cheese- then promptly fed it to Charlie. They are both brown, 80 lbs and Charlie sat down right where Steve usually awaits his meds, so I just gave it to him without looking. ooops.

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